The Crew

We have a lot of fun getting to know the members of our crew. Between the two of us, Andrew and I have three Heidelberg Platens (one of which is set up for foiling) and the other two for letterpress, a Heidelberg GT Platen which can print up to A3, an Arab treadle press and an Albion press.


Wolfgang is a 1948 Heidelberg T Platen Superspeed. He's the youngest member of our team and can be a handful at times but he helps us with the majority of work enabling speed, precision and volume. 

Wolfgang the 1948 Heidelberg T Platen Superspeed


An 1852 Hopkinson & Cope Albion Press rescued from a scrap metal yard in Wallsend. It's believed that he helped print the Port Stephens Examiner in the late 1800's. Originally from the UK, Albert is being restored with plenty of elbow grease and a huge amount of love.

Albert the Albion Press – UK 1852

Suze Freeman

My love of letterpress and printing began while I was studying Design at the University of Newcastle. After graduation I escaped to the city to build on my career and gained experience specialising in packaging, then advertising and design. Since having my daughter and moving back to Newcastle, the desire to build a business doing something I love became very important to me – which is how Where Things Happen started. I love working with each press, learning about their individual abilities and temperaments, and I also love collaborating with other creatives with a passion for making things happen. :) 

Suze the designer and printer

Suze the designer and printer


Also rescued but this time from a good home. She was carefully looked after for many years by her owner Clancette who was unable to relocate her from the Blue Mountains to Tasmania with her family. She's a hefty old girl who had been stored in a garden shed for the last few months before we planned her escape to Newcastle.

Originally from the UK and believed to be from the 1920's, Fatima is being restored too and we hope she'll be pressing something beautiful very soon.

Fatima the Arab from the UK – 1920’

Andrew Basford

Andrew has run commercial printing operations since his early twenties and has watched the printing industry take many turns. His love for the craft and his expertise has made him an industry specialist in Letterpress and has established him as the Specialty Printer of choice for many long-term clients.

Andrew loves to work along-side designers and other trade partners to assist in bringing concepts to life. Thinking outside the square to create memorable printed pieces that make people take notice and answer briefs. Meeting print budgets is his forte due to his extensive experience in job planning over many years in the industry.

Affectionately known on the floor as “Mister Millimetre” his natural eye for detail is uncompromising and he is a perfectionist when it comes to each of his clients pieces.

Every job is a considered as a special project, no matter how big or small and it receives the highest attention to detail and precision only offered by the experience of a trade printer of his caliber.

Andrew the letterpress printer

Andrew the letterpress printer