Wedding Stationery Pricing

We offer three printing packages – Basic, Mid Range and Premium.

Basic packages include three paper types which are Gmund 300gsm (white or cream), Wild 450gsm (off white) or Buffalo 450gsm. Mid Range packages include Gmund 450gsm (white or cream) or Gmund 300gsm (colours). Premium packages are printed onto Gmund 600gsm or Colorplan 270gsm.

If you would like the option of using a paper or card different to our standard stocks we will happily source something for you or use a product that you supply – feel free to contact us to request a quote.

Choose from letterpress, foiling, embossing, digital or offset printing, or if you’d like to source something even more unique contact us to fill us in on what you’re imagining. Almost anything’s possible…

Basic Package.JPG


300gsm cotton paper

Mid Range Package.JPG

Mid Range

450gsm cotton paper

Premium Package.JPG


600gsm cotton paper